Test for Wet AMD

Test for Wet AMD

The Amsler Grid is a quick and simple test which can help to determine whether you are experiencing the early symptoms of AMD. It is important that you monitor both eyes as you may experience the early symptoms of AMD in your 'good' eye and if diagnosed early, you may be able to prevent AMD from developing any further in that eye.

Hold the grid around 12 inches (30cm) in front of your eyes (this is the average reading distance). If you wear reading glasses leave them on but do not wear distance glasses. Cover one eye with your hand and focus with your other eye on the centre dot. Check that you can see all four corners of the grid. If areas of the grid appear blurred, distorted, or in any way abnormal then you could be displaying the early signs of AMD. 

If the Amsler Grid appears perfectly normal to you then you probably don't have AMD. However, if you are over 50 and have not been to the optician in the last two years, you should seriously consider making an appointment now. It is also important to keep testing your eyes at home every two months using the Amsler Grid.

Print off a copy of the Amsler Grid and put it in a prominent place at home such as on your fridge door or kitchen notice-board, or somewhere that you see it every day as a reminder to regularly monitor your eyes.



Click here to print a copy of the Amsler Grid


If you think you may be experiencing symptoms of AMD after you have used the Amsler Grid on the previous page, then you should visit your GP or eye care professional within the next week. 

Remember, although useful as an initial test for the symptoms of AMD, the Amsler grid cannot replace the recommended examination of the back of the eye every two years for those over 50, which your eye care professional can perform.