Digital Tools to Help Navigate Daily Life

Free mobile apps designed to help visually impaired people in daily life

Managing life with visual impairment can be a minute-by-minute challenge, with simple tasks like preparing meals, reading and walking becoming tough to navigate. To help you continue to enjoy the activities you love, ViaOpta was developed – it is a set of three free mobile applications designed to assist in addressing your daily needs which you can download via Apple App store or Google Play store.

ViaOpta Daily

ViaOpta Daily has been designed to serve as a personal assistant to help with everyday activities, inside and outside the home. The app can be used to:

  • Take a picture of written text to be read out loud
  • Identify and scan real world objects such as money, informing you of each bill or coin’s value
  • Recognize and inform you of an object’s color

ViaOpta Sim


ViaOpta Sim is designed especially for patients and provides a first person look at what it is like to live with visual impairment. The app provides:

  • Live simulations of 12 visual impairments which can be seen at different levels of severity (initial, intermediate and advanced)
  • A personalized view of ‘My condition’ allowing you to save a specific condition setting
  • Share disease simulation information with friends and family

ViaOpta Nav

ViaOpta Nav is a navigation app specifically designed to help people with visual impairment get to their destination. The app offers:

  • Voice-guided step-by-step instructions to guide you while on your way to a destination
  • Tactile feedback to keep you on the right track; your device will vibrate to inform you when you are facing the right direction, and regularly as you approach your destination
  • The ability to determine where you are at any time by shaking your device
  • Ridesharing app options as a mobility solution, to help you get to your destination safely and with less assistance


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